Eight Years Strong, We’re Still Rollin’ Along

Running a business is often like owning an automobile: You have to keep it pointed in the direction you want to go, it has to be maintained well enough to complete the journey, and if you work on it a little bit then it will have enough horsepower to beat your competition to the finish line. You cannot drive it aimlessly around until you run out of gas, or else you will have to find another way to get to your destination. And if you do not know where you are going then you will end up lost, or worse – stuck in traffic with everyone else.

Nearly a decade ago, we hit the open road with an idea: To be the best service provider for a clean, healthy, indoor environment. Fueled by dedication, integrity, loyalty, and a strong work ethic, we committed ourselves to provide the highest level of customer service, education, and cleaning and restoration services. One thing we have learned as we have made our way toward the proverbial horizon, though, is the importance of stopping on occasion, looking back at the road we have covered, recording the mileage traveled, and then rechecking our bearing to make sure we are still headed in the right direction.

How did we get here? A glance at the map and the road we have travelled, all the notable mile markers that lead to this rest area come back to us. We started as a family-owned and operated company in 2006, as a local flooring store that sold and installed floor coverings of all types. We became well-established in the community, and through shared trials and tribulations with our growing base of repeat clientele, we realized that there was a growing need among our customers for cleaning and maintenance service for their floors long beyond the point of installing them. We determined that we could take care of our customers – and many others – by simply using the same principles that made our floor covering company so successful: Providing great customer service, having friendly and courteous staff, and simply just doing what you say you are going to do. So, we changed gears, charted the route we wanted to travel with our clients, fine-tuned our approach, and set out across the desert.

With that lesson in mind, we knew that we would have to continue to adapt as we have trekked onward. We knew the road would not always be smooth. Unfortunately, when you navigate a business you have to do it without road signs. We knew we would miss some turns along the way. Sometimes we took a left when we should have turned right. Sometimes we wished we had more horsepower, or better suspension for when things started to get a little bumpy. But guided by the same principles we rolled out with – an emphasis on ethics, morals, and customer service – we have not only survived out here, we have thrived. More importantly, these guiding principles allowed us to bring our valued clients and industry friends along for the ride, who in turn helped provide valuable guidance and vendor feedback. Because of them we were able to diversify over the years, going from the single floor installation service to a multi-platform approach. And because of that approach, we now have a fleet of vehicles to support our fleet of services: Water mitigation, mold remediation, tile and grout cleaning, stone restoration, fire and smoke mitigation, reconstruction, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and new installation. We could not provide these services without the support of our 12 service area communities, reinforcing your desire to make a difference in those communities, to have a positive impact, and to serve those communities to the best of our ability. And the bigger we grow, the more confirmation there is that we are fulfilling that desire.

We know the road ahead remains long, but as we look around the landscape, we see endless opportunity. We have learned a lot along the way. And it is because of you that we have come this far. You have put your trust in us over the years in some of your most dire moments; from flooded basements to burned property, you have asked us to help guide you in trying times. And now that we have been driving around the desert to serve you in these moments for almost a decade, we are confident about facing what may lay over the horizon. Every day is an adventure, a chance to explore our limits in serving you. We are still pointed in the right direction. But more importantly, we know how to lead you down that bumpy desert road as you face some of the most trying times you can face as a homeowner.