Pool Tile Maintenance, Restoration and Cleaning

Pools are the glistening jewels of your backyard and patio. And just like jewelry, they need to be taken care of! Chlorine, salt, algae and general wear-and-tear can wreak havoc on the tiles, stone and grout around your pool, so regular maintenance is required.

While pool restoration and cleaning are inevitable aspects of pool ownership (especially in a region like Palm Desert where we use pools all year round!), there are plenty of ways to increase time between cleanings.

  1. Keep your pH at 7.2-7.4, and alkalinity at 80-90 ppm (use muriatic acid to lower if needed)
  2. Brush your exposed surfaces (try white vinegar for tile and grout - spray on and wait 20 seconds before brushing)
  3. Use a vacuum and replace filters to prevent recirculation of deposits
  4. If you have algae and slime, then treat your water with an algaecide (follow directions from product), then adjust salt/pH if needed. Be sure to brush away old algae deposits.

Dull and damaged tiles should have professional care for replacement and resealing. Call us to schedule your pool restoration and cleaning needs!