What’s In A Floor?

Does your home need new tile or wood flooring?

Flooring is one of the first things that people see (and comment on) when entering your home.  Whether you are a “shoes off” household or not, floors get the most wear and tear than any other improvement that you’re likely to invest in, therefore they will also be the most in need of updating. And when they aren’t, it can be painfully obvious.  Unless of course if you are going for the chic 1960’s Palm Springs look with shag carpeting.  Appearances aside, there are some practical measures you can consider when deciding how frequently you should update your flooring.

Ready to update? Check out this list:

  1. Moving In / Moving Out: When you buy or sell a home, the flooring should always be either refinished, cleaned, or updated.  Most landlords should also update wall-to-wall carpeting for new tenants if the previous carpeting is well-worn. It’s what the previous tenant’s security deposit is meant to cover, and if the damage is really bad then it’s the law since California has an ‘implied warranty of habitability for every residential lease.
  2. Infestations: Besides the normal dust mites that can reside in your carpeting and padding, if you have fleas or bedbugs you will need to do more than just “bomb” them. Wall-to-wall carpeting should also be removed and replaced in those cases.  A termite infestation can also mean pulling up flooring and hardwood floors for proper extermination.
  3. Mold and Mildew: If you’ve had flooding you likely have some mold and mildew remediation required, and that will likely require pulling up old carpeting or replacing damaged sections of flooring and baseboards.
  4. Pet Damage: Odors from pets may also require remediation, especially cat urine. If left untreated cat urine will soak through the carpeting and into hardwood floors and base flooring. These can still be treated and refinished by an expert, but it depends on how deep the urine has soaked.
  5. Dull / Dingy Tile: No matter how much you mop a scratched tile floor, those scratches will always make a clean floor look dull and dingy.  Whether they are stone, linoleum, slate, or marble, tiles should be polished, refinished and any grout cleaned and resealed. Eventually, with enough wear, it is better to simply have them replaced.

So, what to do?

If any of the above conditions describe your current situation, then it’s time for new flooring! We can work with local Desert designers to give your home a fresh new look that would make guests want to take off their shoes, whether you’ve asked them to or not.