What is mold?

There are several situations when a mold inspection is necessary. Let's look at when a mold inspection is required, as well as what mold testing entails

Mold, like all fungi, flourishes in humid environments. Mold spreads by generating spores, tiny particles that may be as tiny as a single cell. Spores fly through the air until they come into contact with a surface.

Mold spores are present all around us, as well as within our homes. It would be nearly impossible to remove all mold spores from a property without the use of a huge industrial clean room filtration system.

Fortunately, mold spores must land on a moist surface in order to become mold. That indicates that if you can keep the inside of your house dry, you won't have any issues with mold.


The easiest approach to avoid mold in your house is to clean up spills, repair leaks in your roof, plumbing, or HVAC system, and make sure your kitchen and bathroom are correctly venting moisture out of the home.

Mold harms the surface it is developing on, and mold can exacerbate allergies or asthma.

When should you do a mold inspection?

One advantage of mold- if you're able to spot it, there's definitely mold in your home. It's clear that the spores are spreading and growing more when you see mold in the seams and corners of your walls.

Molds can grow in all kinds of places, and they can spread quickly. Remember that mold may grow in areas you can't see, such as your ducts or between your walls. It might also form colonies that are tiny enough to go unnoticed. Given the following situations, it's only natural to seek for any mold issues in your home.

  • Water damage. If your basement was flooded, the roof leaked, or a broken pipe released water all over the kitchen, check for mold. Mold can infect anyplace that has been wet and has not been swiftly dried (within 24 to 48 hours).
  • Purchasing a new house. There's no way to know what sort of water damage may have taken place in the home you're looking to buy. The only method to discover whether mold is present is to conduct a mold inspection.
  • After a property has been empty for an extended period of time. If humidity has built up inside the house and caused mold to develop, it may be due to months or years of inactivity. This is particularly true in regions with a lot of humidity.
  • If your mold problem is still there. If you've gone through the time consuming and unpleasant procedures necessary to eliminate a mold infestation, periodic mold inspections are advised to ensure that all of it has been eliminated.
  • You notice mold. If you detect green, blue, black, or white growth in your home, do a mold inspection to be sure you find it all. It's possible that it's not confined to one area.
  • Check your tile and grouts for cleaning. Call us today for your home restoration needs.


Water Damage

Water damage can develop for a variety of causes, particularly in the Coachella Valley and its neighboring areas owing to our ever-changing climate.

Leaks in slabs, burst pipes, damaged water mains, and significant flooding as a result of rain or other natural disasters are all typical occurrences.

Fortunately, Distinctive Restoration can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with flooding damage repair when your home floods without notice.


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