When sewage infrastructure fails, Distinctive Restoration will not!

Today has been a long day: A thunderstorm knocked out the power and your alarm clock didn’t go off as a result, making you late for work. Then you accidentally fell asleep in your sales meeting (only to be awakened by your unapproving supervisor), and then you got mustard on your favorite shirt when you tried to console yourself with your favorite comfort food (that they burned) at lunch. Eager to flush this day out of your memory bank, you open the door and then instantly wonder why your feet are making splish-splash sounds on your carpet.

As horrible as it sounds, these days happen to some of us, unfortunately – wet carpet and all. In this scenario, the long day of bedlam just got even worse because the thunderstorm that knocked out your alarm clock also knocked out the drainage infrastructure in your neighborhood, and now you have sewage backing up into your home.

It is imperative to act quickly and decisively should this happen to your home. First and foremost, you want to avoid direct contact with the sewage and anything it has touched, as those surfaces will now likely be contaminated by the biohazards it contains. These organisms can range from bacteria to viruses and protozoa, which can cause unwanted illnesses like gastroenteritis.

Now that these microorganisms are unwanted roommates, you’ll want to evict them safely and properly by making sure you are wearing protective clothing: rubber gloves, boots, eye protection, etc. After you are properly layered up, start moving the property that escaped unscathed to a safe location so you can see up close the damage done to the actual house. Carpet, carpet padding, subflooring, drywall, baseboards – all of it can absorb toxic materials that without a quick response can become both a health risk and an exorbitant expense.

Now that you’ve sized up the damage, how do you start to fix things? If the worst-case scenario materializes and the subflooring, drywall, etc., is now laced with dangerous microorganisms then you want to fix it right the first time. Distinctive Restoration offers the one-stop shop that you will want and need in this situation. First, they will take your call any time of the day, any day of the week. But while anytime access is ideal in situations like this, expert experience is even more crucial, which Distinctive Restoration has, as evidenced by being a HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award winner.

The journey of returning your home back to its pre-sewage condition is not complete until every last detail is restored. Distinctive Restoration understands this completely, and they care about returning your home back to original condition. When Distinctive Restoration’s roster of IICRC certified experts arrive at your home they will immediately clean and sanitize the affected areas. By utilizing progressive drying technology such as High Capacity Air Movers and a Low-Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier to quickly dry impacted areas, they aggressively begin mold remediation while ending ongoing damage from unfriendly microbes. Following the sanitization phase, Distinctive Restoration’s professionals utilize thermal imaging to help isolate the source of the problem and then hunt down all potential physical damage and then begin the necessary restoration (and sometimes the necessary reconstruction).

From start to finish, a sewage backup is a frustrating and sometimes traumatic experience. When you hire Distinctive Restoration, you gain an experienced partner to lead you through the maze of obstacles that will confront you. This is why Distinctive Restoration operates with insurers in mind from Day 1. By thoroughly documenting and recording every step of the restoration process, Distinctive Restoration provides this documentation directly to your insurance company so that it has all the details quickly, streamlining the process that much more for you. Distinctive Restoration will even communicate directly with your insurance company for you when it comes time to present the bill, and will sometimes even waive the deductible fees.

When the infrastructure that manages and mitigates sewage outflow fails you, the problem can quickly turn into an expensive, and potentially deadly, endeavor. Your home is your castle, and it falls upon you to defend it. With Distinctive Restoration, you will never have to defend – or restore - it alone. We might even be able to help you with that mustard stain on your favorite shirt.', 'When sewage infrastructure fails, Distinctive Restoration will not!