The Top Resources for Vacation Homeowners

Post Memorial Day Weekend means many people are heading to their vacation homes for the summer! Whether you regularly rent your property out or keep it unoccupied when you\'re not there, it\'s important to keep up routine maintenance. Nothing spoils the start to a vacation like finding mold, flooding or structural damage at your house!

Keeping your property in top shape is important –– especially if you rent it out! –– if you ever want to eventually sell. Neglecting your vacation home for even a few months could lead to a lot of costly repairs. So, instead of winding up with a surprise $5,000+ bill, it\'s fiscally more beneficial to your wallet to have a routine maintenance process. So, if you ever determine it\'s time to sell, you won\'t need to dump thousands back into it!

But how can you keep your vacation home in top shape if you don\'t spend the majority of your time there?

Here are 4 resources every vacation homeowner should have on speed dial:

  1. House Cleaning Service - Using a regular maid or house cleaning service is a cost-effective way to make sure someone is constantly looking in on your home. And bonus, they\'ll keep it super clean! Even just having someone clean twice a month will ensure that no damage to your property has been left for too long. So whether it\'s a broken fence or plumbing problems, you'll always have a "head's up" if an issue arises.
  2. Good Insurance Representative - If you\'ve purchased or own a second property, it\'s vital that you have a good insurance rep. Summer homes attract many visitors and visitors attract risk. Whether it\'s a natural disaster or someone breaking into your property, you need to be covered.
  3. Home Maintenance or \"Handyman\" - Finding someone locally who can fix a problem as soon as possible is key to keeping damage costs down. This is especially important if your property has suffered any water damage! Instead of trying to fix it yourself, hiring a professional service will also make sure the job is done swiftly and correctly.
  4. Lawn and/or Pool Service - An overgrown or unkept lawn could add more costly problems to your home. A tree whose branches haven't been trimmed could cause damage to your home during a storm. An overgrown and unkempt lawn could lead to bad water flooding in your lawn. Avoid these types of accidents by hiring a regular lawn and/or pool service!
  5. Water Damage Company - Southern California has been experiencing record amounts of rain recently! But many homes in the desert aren't built to withstand or take on that much water, so heavy flooding has been occurring. If your home has experienced flooding, call us today at 760-713-8344 for a free quote.

Regularly using any of the services mentioned above is a great way to keep your vacation home in top shape for the everchanging competitive real estate market!

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